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“Start the New Year Off Right with Jesus”

Aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t quit when we needed a Savior?  I am so thankful He didn’t hold back, sleep in, or hide from His responsibility when it came to the cross.  Jesus knew it would take His all, even His life’s blood, and He did what it took when we needed Him the most.

Jesus is calling us as His followers to step up and be faithful.  The New Year is a perfect time to commit – or recommit- ourselves to living for Christ and growing in spiritual maturity.  If Jesus is on the inside, He is going to show up on the outside.  People with Jesus in their heart are going to show His love and power for living by how they talk, how they act, how they worship, and how they live.  As your pastor and friend, I want to challenge everyone to let the light of Jesus shine brighter than ever in 2012.  Let other people see how much we love Jesus and appreciate the cross by the way we spend our time, our talents, and our resources to His glory and the furthering of His kingdom in Floyd County and beyond.

I am challenging myself in the New Year to be more in the Word and more diligent in prayer.  May we all commit ourselves to a consistent daily time with the Lord.  What is God calling you to do as part of your

New Year’s resolutions?

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