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Re-opening of Children’s Ministry

Over the next 4-6 weeks, PVN will begin offering Children’s programs where social distancing can be achieved. For those programs where that is not possible, they will remain either virtual or temporarily paused. Below are the dates when each program will begin along with safety protocols being put into place.

  1. August 2nd
    1. Limited nursery resumes – In both Sunday morning services, childcare for infants and toddlers from birth – 3 years old will be offered.  This offering will be available in both services with a capacity of 5 kids in each one.  Registration is available on the same form as registering for worship ( The nursery room will be sanitized between services and all workers will be masked.
  2. August 16th
    1. Children’s Church resumes – To ensure proper distancing, there will be one Children’s Church offered in both Sunday morning services.  It will be located in the Children’s Activity Room and have a capacity of 10 children per service.  The age group for this Children’s Church will be those students 4 years old – 1st grade.  Each child will be assigned a supply bag that will be his/her personal supplies that will be stored each week in the Children’s Wing.  Workers will be masked as much as possible.  Pickup will be located outside of the Children’s Wing near the Sanctuary Welcome Desk area. Registration will be available on the church registration page beginning August 10th for the August 16th services.
  3. September 16th
    1. AWANA resumes – This program will undergo several changes to ensure both safety protocols are in-place in addition to meeting the COVID fall schedule for PVN.
    2. Day change – AWANA moves to Wednesday night this year to accommodate the church COVID schedule.  It will offered each week from 6:30 – 7:45 pm.
    3. Later start – The September start date is to ensure the resumption of in-person school is safe and no major outbreaks of the virus have occurred.
    4. Clubs offered – For this year only, AWANA at PVN will be for Cubbies – Journey.  This is  3 year olds – high school (No Puggles this year).
    5. Safety protocols
      1. After registration, if a large quantity of students have registered, all clubs will be divided into cohorts.  These cohorts will be separated from each other during the night and rotate through the AWANA activities.
      2. Volunteers will be masked
      3. While snacks will be offered, no large group gatherings for snack will occur.  The snacks will be sealed and given to the children throughout the night at a certain time depending on their cohort.
      4. No large group opening or closing sessions will be held.
  4. No Children’s Choirs or in-person Sunday School until at least January.  These programs cannot properly meet safety protocols or social distancing guidelines at this time.  Sunday School teachers for the Children’s Ministry are working to provide lessons and in some cases video material for their classes.

Thank you for your continued patience during this time.  It is our hope that these limited offerings will begin to provide some sense of normalcy to your children while also providing you with a level of comfort that safety is being prioritized.

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