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PVN, A Kingdom Church?

A Kingdom Church BELIEVES in Jesus the Christ as the Divine Son of God, who is our only hope of salvation and heaven.  He alone gave Himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.  He alone is worthy.  What a wonderful Saviour!

A Kingdom Church is COMMITTED to Jesus as person and cherishes a glorious relationship with Him.  A Kingdom Church willingly SERVES the Master as a living sacrifice to Him, and EDIFIES His Holy Church, which means the use of skills, talents and abilities to His honor.

With an outstanding year behind us, I am confident that you will want to meet the challenge of a new year believing in, committed to and serving the Saviour.

In February we will re-enroll GROW OUTREACH, with training on Sunday, March 4.  We want to see souls saved, lives changed, and we will save every Sunday for the great things for our soul.



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