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Our Women’s Ministry brings women together for Bible studies, prayer, retreats, luncheons, community service projects, and other activities.  Listed below are the Ministry leaders and their roles.


Jan Leonard & Susan Williams – Special Events
Tracie Hall & Stephanie Brewer – Missions
Diane Sarratt & Margaret Hansard – Bible Study
Dawn Therber – Prayer and Mentorship
Andrea McCurry & Nora Hale – Other WM support

From L to R: Diane Sarratt, Susan Williams, Tracie Hall, Dawn Therber,
Stephanie Brewer, Jan Leonard, and Nora Hale (not pictured– Margaret Hansard
and Andrea McCurry)

Upcoming Events For 2017

bible-Sunlight+eidted Small Group Opportunities

Thursdays 8:30 am – Women’s Prayer & Devotion
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