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How to Send Your Gift

Even though worship services are temporarily cancelled due to the COVID-19, ministry expenses will continue. There are three ways you can continue to give.

1. In person – church office hours are unchanged.  You can visit the church Monday – Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.
2. Give online – this method can be used by those that tithe online regularly in addition to those without an online login.  For those that choose this method but have never given online:
1. Visit
2. Select “Give Online”
3. Next, select “Give Online (Guests)”
4. From the drop down box, select “Budget Fund” to give to the church’s operation fund
5. Complete the remaining fields
3.  By mail – if utilizing this method, please insert your check into an envelope and mail it to:
Pleasant Valley North Baptist Church
735 Old Summerville Road
Rome GA  30165

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