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“Have You Heard the One About Sunday School?”

It’s not a joke.  Sunday School (Small Groups) is critical to the life & fellowship of a church, and it is the place where believers and seekers connect to God and one another in Bible study, fellowship, prayer support, and ministry.  Small groups are key to the health of PVN, and I believe every Christian and church member ought to be a faithful part of one.

Everybody has struggles.  Everyone has difficulties.  The question is not, “Will they come?” but “How will we overcome them?”  Being regularly in a small group, like a Sunday School class on Sunday morning or a small group on Sunday night at PVN, is vital to having a strong foundation to withstand the winds and storms of this life.  It is a great thing to have a group of people loving Jesus, studying His word, and committed to praying and being there for you and your family.  That is what Sunday School and small groups are all about.  If you are not part of one, will you commit yourself and your family to coming on Sundays to PVN and joining in?  If you are part of a class but often find yourself missing Sunday School for one reason or another, will you consider committing your family to greater faithfulness in Bible study attendance, and the giving of your time, talents, and tithes…  To God be the glory, great things He has done AND great things He is doing at PVN.

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