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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard When It Comes to Eternal Matters!

It is probably safe to say that the snow this past week caught everyone off guard. The weather prognosticators were saying “a few flurries” in North Georgia, and the storm that hit Rome and Atlanta and everywhere in-between was more than we all bargained for. I hope and pray you and your family stayed safe and warm in the midst of a difficult week for many people.
So, on Friday morning after the storm I am sitting at my desk reminded of a passage of scripture that can be alarming to many of us. The suddenness of the snow and the lack of preparedness for the storm is very similar to the theme in Matthew 7:15-28 where our Lord Jesus says: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of My Father who is in heaven…” (Matthew 7:21) Jesus goes on to tell about the difference between the wise man and the foolish man, both having storms and problems in their lives. But the wise man built his house on the solid rock ( a personal ongoing vibrant relationship with Jesus) instead of a foundation of sinking sand, like that of the foolish family.
There are so many people today who seem to be trying to coast through their life not living for Jesus, yet claiming they are in a right relationship with God and one day going to heaven, just because their name is on a church roll or they walked an aisle when they were growing up years ago. The Lord often reminds me that the truest evidence of salvation before a holy God is not what we did twenty or thirty years ago. It is what are we doing now, to honor Him and thank Him for what He did for us on the cross long ago. In Matthew 7, Jesus tells us that we are to do His will. When Christ comes back soon with the angels in all His glory, may we not be caught off guard like the winter storm this week, but may we be found growing in Christ, serving and worshiping Him regularly with our family, working for Him and witnessing to other people of how great our God is. He is worthy of our worship and praise! Hope to see your family this Sunday in worship and Bible Study! – Pastor Mac

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