Defending the Faith Conference – March 17 & 18

At a time when the most basic facts about reality are being challenged, it is more important than ever for Christians to be able to articulate and persuasively proclaim truth, to defend the Gospel.

Learn from renowned apologist Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Richard Howe, as well as other Christian thinkers about the evidence for the historic Christian faith, navigating difficult social issues, and speaking truth in a secular culture. Prepare to engage the culture!

(Includes Lunch on Saturday)
Students $15 / Adults $25 / Families $50 (childcare available)

Register at http://www.pleasantvalleynorth.com.


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    donald e howe (richard's brother) says

    I will attend the conference to critique my brother (just kidding, but you can tell him what I said) Looking forward to being there.

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