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A God Given Increase

       Whatever we can expect of God’s church and kingdom it can be expected to increase in number and spiritual development.  In First Corinthians 3:6 the Apostle Paul stated, “I planted, Apollos watered but God gives the increase.”  Paul spoke precisely to the idea and purpose of the church.  God uses our witness and testimony to reach, convert and save the lost or unsaved.

     The whole idea and concept of G-R-O-W OUTREACH MINISTRY is for God to achieve His Divine Purpose partly through our witness and testimony about the saving power and grace of His Son, Jesus, the Christ.  Please consider using your witness and testimony in G-R-O-W this year.  We need you, above all the Lord needs and asks for your testimony for Him.  Can we do less?

     G-R-O-W begins April 5 at 7:00 PM in the Conference Room in the spirit of prayer, with the intent of reaching the lost and unchurched in this area.  Keep saving your Sundays for the great things for your soul.



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