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Promotion Sunday

On August 6th, children and youth will promote to the next grade.  Depending on the structure of each respective Sunday School class, many will promote to another class.  The Nursery Ministry will restructure on this date.  Class names and age groups will be realigned.  The new class names will be:

  • Infant Class
  • Toddler 1 Class
  • Toddler 2 Class
  • Preschool Class

The biggest change is in regards to the top age in the Nursery program.  On August 6th, those children that are not entering PreK this year will remain in the Nursery.  They will become members of the Preschool class.  This will be for 1st service, Sunday School, and 2nd service programs. Students who will or have turned 4 this year and are not entering PreK will remain in the Nursery Ministry and not promote into the Children’s Ministry.   Contact Pastor Eric for more details.

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